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We create mobile friendly accessible websites...

Get great web design at a good price. Contact us by mail nordic@xigraffix.com and hear how we can help your company with new professional web design which is google search optimized. All our web design solutions are made in Open Source

When you order a website with us, the process starts with a talk about what you would like. We advise you the best solution according to your needs. When the project scope is defined, we make an offer on a solution that suits you.

The easy way to create responsive sites

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You get a free and non-binding draft web design before we build the site from scratch and you have no time for maintenance, we keep too runny your website updated with text and images.

When we develop websites, program we accordance with the applicable code standards, and we test course website in the most used browsers and solutions to ensure the best outcome for you..

Together with you, we create the good impression...


GrafX Website Studio

Would you like a website that you can update or are you new web inspiration? Then Grafx Website Studio a Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to create your own website with up to 10 pages quickly and easily.

Complex yet easy to use software solution created to offer you the opportunity to build your own website.
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Get designed a nice responsive website...

Are you looking for a web design that reflects you or your company? and what is a good web design? To answer the question, it requires knowledge of the goal of the website. With us you get a website and web design that meets all necessary requirements of a modern website.

We primarily build our websites and web design with the strategy for visibility (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and in our own software GrafX Website Studio.

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